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Perinatal Neonatal Quality Collaborative stakeholders are the heartbeat of our work. Ensuring that voices throughout Rhode Island are able to make a difference for women and birthing people and newborns is key to improving outcomes for our communities.

We are seeking the following hospital and community teams to be an active participants in this work:

  • Providers and Specialists (Obstetric/Neonatal)

  • Nurses, Advanced Practice Nurses (NP's, CNM's, CRNA's)

  • Physicians Assistants

  • Insurers

  • Hospital teams

  • Doulas, community health workers

  • Community Health organizations

  • Not-for-profit organizations

  • Lactation Support services

  • Patient advocates

  • Professional healthcare organizations, such as ACOG, AWHONN, ACNM, AMCHP, ASTHO)

  • Government agencies

We look forward to hearing from you and how you want to be involved!

  • What is a Perinatal Quality Collaborative?
    Perinatal Quality Collaboratives (PQCs) are state or multi-state networks of multidisciplinary teams, working to improve outcomes for maternal and infant health. PQCs do that by advancing evidence-informed clinical practices and processes using quality improvement (QI) principles to address gaps in care. PCQs work with clinical teams, experts and stakeholders, including patients and families, to spread best practices, reduce variation and optimize resources to improve perinatal care and outcomes. The goal of PQCs is to achieve improvements in population-level outcomes in maternal and newborn health.
  • Nationally, what do these collaboratives focus on?
    PQCs current areas of focus include: 1) Reduce preterm births 2) Reduce severe pregnancy complications associated with high blood pressure and hemorrhage 3) Improve identification of and care for infants with neonatal abstinence syndrome 4) Reduce racial/ethnic and geographic disparities The Perinatal Neonatal Quality Collaborative of Rhode Island (PNQCRI) is first focusing on Postpartum Discharge Transitions, as this will focus on every postpartum woman and person in Rhode Island.
  • Why is Rhode Island starting a Perinatal Neonatal Quality Collaborative?
    We want Rhode Island to be the safest place to give birth in the United States. It is important that all stakeholders across the state are working towards the same goals locally: 1) Elimination of racial, ethnic and socioeconomc disparities before, during and after childbirth 2) Promote and develop high-functioning hospital and community teams that are focused on the well-being of the birthing person and newborn 3) Assuring the development of data-driven initatives that result in higher levels of quality care
  • How can I help with the Perinatal Neonatal Quality Collaborative of Rhode Island?
    Send us your name and contact information, and we will match you with the best options for your ability to make a difference for women, birthing people and newborns here in Rhode Island. It will take all of us to ensure that Rhode Island is the safest place to give birth in the United States.
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