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Rhode Island AIM

Alliance on Innovation of Maternal Health


Rhode Island is proud to be an AIM state. Hospitals throughout Rhode Island are committed to doing their part in eliminating preventable maternal morbidity and mortality through the use of AIM patient care bundles. AIM focuses on inpatient care, such as care during Labor and Delivery and Postpartum. Standardized care models and enhanced teamwork provide the foundation for better outcomes for women and communities.

Postpartum Hemorrhage Bundle

Participating Hospitals

Four hospitals are currently participating in the Rhode Island AIM Collaborative: Women and Infants Hospital of Rhode Island, Kent Hospital, Newport Hospital and South County Hospital

Areas of Interest

RI AIM is focused on standardization of postpartum hemorrhage care across the state.

Disparities in Outcomes

Black women and women of color experience postpartum hemorrhage more often in Rhode Island. We are working together to understand these disparities and improve care and outcomes for women in Rhode Island.

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About AIM

The Alliance for Innovation AIM is a national data-driven maternal safety and quality improvement initiative based on interdisciplinary consensus-based practices to improving maternal safety and outcomes. The program provides implementation and data support for the adoption of evidence-based patient safety bundles. AIM works through state teams and health systems to align national, state, and hospital level engagement efforts to improve overall maternal health outcomes. Rhode Island is the 33rd AIM state.

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